The Media in a Battlefield of Lazy News Consumers

Flickr - photo by Thomas Rossi Rassloff

Reporting the news is no easy task.

More often these days I hear complaints about the media’s integrity. Yes there is corruption in the media, but there are also hard working, fact seeking journalists  who are risking their lives to bring the general public a story. The same people who criticize the field also seem to be the least informed. Most people just simply do not do the research.

Journalist are already doing the research so the general public doesn’t have to. However, that doesn’t exempt the general public from having to search for the truth themselves. Most people don’t realize that journalists provide the facts, but it is you who must decide the truth for yourself. When you’re ready, just pick up that copy of the New York Times on your coffee table and try it out. 

3 thoughts on “The Media in a Battlefield of Lazy News Consumers

  1. I enjoy that you wrote from both the journalist and the publics view. You make a very good point, that people have the good right in front of them, they choose to take it how they want


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