The Tech Baby Dilemma

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We’re starting them young.
Photo by Francesca Alviani

It’s crazy to think that nowadays kids as young as 5 or 6 have a iPad, or even more working cell phones. One issue I have with technology is the fact that it takes people away from the moment they’re in, and drops them off in this digital world for however long they decide to engage their phone or tablet. Kids who become engaged with digital devices for too long may face damaging content not suitable for little eyes, like violence or pornography. Furthermore, it worries me that one day there may be an entire generation who will grow up not knowing the simplicity of being bored. It’s sad that there are kids out there who are not being given the chance to use their imagination to fight boredom.

Parents, often times, will use games on these devices as an easy way out. A distraction for the kiddos, while they run an errand or take care of a task, an easier way is not a better way. Kids are missing out on the tangible experiences of life. Giving them the world at the touch of a tablet, is essentially taking them away from the world that they live in now.

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