Success in a Snap

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Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel

Some people have a knack for following their dreams. I imagine these people have a clear vision of the goal they want to achieve, and they have the courage that it takes to go after that vision despite criticism from the outside world. It’s so awesome that a 20-something-year-old like Evan Spiegel could see his vision so clearly that it would eventually lead to the creation of a widely successful app like Snapchat. It’s truly inspiring. Walking away from Stanford weeks from graduating shows the determination and strength that he had, however; I’m sure the fact that he was given a large sum of money by an investor did influence that choice.

One thing that I feel helped his success is the fact that he saw a need, and that need came from understanding. Snapchat founders understood and related to the desire from teens and young adults to engage in social media activities without consequences. Once he jumped on that idea, he never gave up on it and things fell into place through his hard work. When I hear stories like this I think, this could be me, or you or anyone my age or younger. It’s in all of us to do great things, be diligent in finding your calling.

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