Americans Fear…

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Fear is the result of the unkown.

I don’t know if fear is as much a part of the American culture, as it is a part of human culture. In my opinion fear comes from a lack of understanding, we fear what we don’t know. Just last week, I was discussing plans to visit Dallas for my birthday with a friend. I was almost angered by their response, refusing to go because, “that Ebola is down there”. I became frustrated until we reached deeper in the conversation and that’s when I realized, this person has not educated themselves on what is happening at all.

While I don’t quite the quarantine process for individuals arriving from Ebola affected countries, I am glad that officials are doing something in an attempt to keep others safe. I would imagine that health care providers who are returning would not have a problem with following the 21 day home quarantine process. I have read and understood as much as possible the effects and transmission of Ebola, and in my opinion we shouldn’t be afraid, just cautious. That is true for everything.

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