Live Without Dead Time

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Photo by Nuria Casanya

No matter what you’re doing, do it with meaning.

The notion that the ways of writing and literature are disappearing into the past may or may not be true. The notion that the Internet is making us all mindless may or may not be true. We spend countless hours multimedia tasking and filling gaps of time with unsubstantial information. However, we can get more meaning out of our time spent on distractions by utilizing our technology.

It depends on where you direct your mind, yes technology can distract us from embracing meaningfulness in our lives or it can enhance that outlook. I would love to take a class like the one being taught at Pennsylvania University that would show me how to utilize the Internet for creative gain or enlightenment. I believe that we aren’t losing substance as people from the Internet, but we’re actually gaining substance in a deeper way and the class being taught by Professor Goldsmith is proof of that. In order to see that change evolve, we’ll have to adapt and direct our minds to a new way of using and absorbing the Internet.

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