R.I.P 6 o’ Clock News

AMST 3683

Digital media gives us plenty of options when it comes to retrieving the news. However, the information can get so jumbled in the midst of the constant news feed that is the world today. The growth of information nowadays can make us vulnerable to fake news. Fake news is an ever-growing discussion in America these days, and it seems to be getting worse everyday. The epidemic is a reflection of our habits, and a representation of our merging with technology.

Digital media news platforms are derived from the opinions and reflections of many. The constant battle among news organizations to be the first one with the hot story is damaging to society. However, it isn’t just the news organizations that are the proprietors of fake, or unexamined facts. There is an amazing amount of power that each one holds when they own a smart phone, computer or web device. As Laura Galante stated in her TED talk, Are All of Us Vulnerable to Fake News?, “this is a universe of the minds.”

In many ways, digital news has changed the way we see the world. It’s made us collectively more aware. As I said, news doesn’t even have to come from a news organization anymore to be considered by the public. For instance, social media played a big part in revealing sexual harassment scandals at the end of last year. Many turned to social media to share their stories and to call for action using the hashtag ‘me too’. In some ways, this was news. It wasn’t reported in print or on television, but almost anyone with a Facebook account could see the impact that sexual harassment has had on those near to them.

Receiving the news is no longer sitting in front of the television at 6 o’ clock. And receiving may not even be the right word to describe it. News today must be examined. My hope is that more news consumers would take the time to seek credible news sources, find a favorite and trustworthy reporter to follow, broaden their news sources and educate themselves on the facts concerning the news and the news organizations providing it.

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