Phil Ochs Wikipedia Assignment: Resources

AMST 3683

For the Phil Ochs Wikipedia assignment, I chose to write about the song, “Here’s to the State of Mississippi.” The first and most important source is an article in Broadside Magazine # 51. This article, written in 1964, highlights important details concerning The Mississippi Caravan of Music. The Caravan was a social justice volunteer campaign that connected folksingers with black communities in Mississippi during the civil rights movement. The author of the article in Broadside is Robert Cohen, founder of the campaign. This information is important because Phil Ochs participated in the campaign as a volunteer. His experience motivated the lyrics for the song.

The second source I acquired is an interview with Phil Ochs from the album, “Broadside Ballads Vol. 11: Interviews with Phil Ochs.” In the interview, Ochs briefly describes his feelings about the civil rights movement, and the impact that folk music can make in creating change.

The next source I found helpful is the book, “Music and Social Movements: Mobilizing Traditions in the Twentieth Century by Ron Everman.” This book briefly describes the purpose of The Mississippi Caravan of Music, and gives an account of the folk music scene’s increasing involvement in the civil rights movement.

Lastly, I used information from to pinpoint the release date of the song “Here’s to the State of Richard Nixon,” this was a remake of “Here’s to the State of Mississippi.” Since this a site where you can buy the 1974 version of the LP, the information they provided is likely to be taken directly from the LP itself.

One thought on “Phil Ochs Wikipedia Assignment: Resources

  1. On Discogs, you might also note that this is a crowd-sourced database project not unlike Wikipedia. That is, it involves a community of editors who upload metadata related to different record releases/printings. As a community, they has some basic rules for participation. How do these rules stack up to wikipedia’s rules?

    “Basic Guidelines
    Have the exact release in front of you when entering it to the database
    Only enter or change information that you can cite a trustworthy source for (stick to provable facts!)
    Check all the artist and labels you enter link to the correct page
    Use the search to find artist name variations, and use the ANV function to link them up
    Capitalize the first letter of every word in names and titles
    Follow the Quick Start Guide for your first few submissions
    Refer to the full guidelines (below) for anything you are not sure of
    Ask in the help forum if you get stuck, and be polite and friendly to others”


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