Phil Ochs Audio Story


The audio assignment started off a little rough. It took me awhile to fully understand exactly what the requirements of the assignment were. However, my media instincts led me to feel confident about the assignment no matter what the circumstances. It eventually smoothed over when our group had the chance to get together and discuss the assignment. The ladies and I took a discussion approach to the assignment. We used this opportunity to speak about interesting aspects of Phil Ochs that we found intriguing as individuals.



When it came to recording the audio, our group was a little rushed. Knowing that I was going out of town the next week for spring break and was eager to mentally check out (I felt myself slippin’), we wasted no time recording the audio in a study room downstairs. We prepared an outline for the questions and hit record. Recording was seemingly smooth—that is until we discovered “that track” in editing. That one track with the tapping sound throughout its entirety. I wasn’t too worried, I assured the girls that we could re-record the track effortlessly and it would be like nothing ever happened. As it turns out we did re-record the track, but there might be something wrong with my phone’s speaker. In the end, we made a better recording but it wasn’t really a great recording. My advice, be careful of mic placement when recording, listen to your recorded audio to make absolute sure it turned out ok.



Having used Audacity in the past (“oh, the horror”), I requested that we use Garage Band, a software I feel is more user friendly. The editing process went smoothly, and I was able to show the ladies in my group how to edit audio on Garage Band.


What I Think Could’ve Been Done Better

I would say that our project could’ve been more conversational and less “rehearsed sounding.” I would say that we could’ve done a better job with mic placement and taking our time too.

All in all, I think the project turned out great. I really enjoyed working with Amairani and Laurelyn, it was great to get to know such awesome ladies.

2 thoughts on “Phil Ochs Audio Story

  1. Chelsea, I’m glad that you had a good background in using GarageBand. I learned a lot from what you showed us when we were doing the editing, Although we had the tapping sound in one of the clips I think that we did a pretty good job anyway, the fact that we could organize so easily was also a great plus!

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