From Columbus to Greenwich: A Phil Ochs Photo Essay

AMST 3683

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Photo Essay Project Review:

When I initially started this project, I thought that I would explore different factors that led Phil to become a folksinger instead of a journalist. I was shocked by the fact that he dropped out of university in the last quarter of his senior year. Knowing what I’ve gone through to finish school, I was mortified at the thought of doing what he did. I was intrigued to know what events led up to this eventual decision. As I began my research, I realized what an influential person Jim Glover was to Phil. Ultimately, I decided that the story should be about their friendship because that relationship progressed Phil to become the artist,and the man, we know him as today.

I found the project interesting. It was challenging to narrow down to just one topic because I learned so much during the research portion. It was difficult not to focus too long on a topic, or to get distracted by a new piece of information.

I wanted to make a video, however I just had too much information to keep it between one and three minutes. So, I turned to the photo essay instead, and ended up really liking it. Plus, it was pretty cool to try something I’ve never done before.

When it came to collecting content, I found that pretty challenging too. There just isn’t a lot of material out there for my topic. I ended up spending longer than I had hoped to looking for good content. However, the content I did find does a solid job of making the point.

If I could do it over again, I would narrow down the topic sooner.  I would have started collecting content sooner, and I would’ve looked for some video or animated some of the photos too. I edited this project using, which was capable of including this sort of content into the project. I specifically chose this program because I had intended to use some video, but I just ran out of time. 

Overall, I had a good time making this photo essay and would definitely like to make one again.

2 thoughts on “From Columbus to Greenwich: A Phil Ochs Photo Essay

  1. This is gorgeous! It’s close to what I had in my head when I first envisioned my projet. I’m really excited to work with you , and everyone one this upcoming class project. So much talent!


  2. Wow, you did such a great job on this assignment, I assumed you had done a photo essay before. The materials you found were very compelling. I especially liked the photos of Phil’s byline in The Lantern. The story was focused, clear, and compelling. Good job. I wish I had known about exposure when I assigned this; it’s perfect for the photo story format.


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