Living in the World Wide Web

AMST 3683

It’s another Monday morning at our house. Sipping my coffee at the table and scrolling Facebook, I turn to my boyfriend and ask, “why are we always on our phones?” “I’m always on my phone because you’re always on your phone,” he replies. “That’s not true,” I say, as I slide my phone face down on the table. “I mean, shouldn’t we be over phones by now?” “What do you mean?” he asks. “I mean, we’ve had smartphones for nearly a decade, why is the world still glued to the screen?” I say. “Maybe it’s not the device itself, as much as it is the world that the device takes you to,” he says. “Of course, it’s the world wide web after all,” I replied.

As an self proclaimed “old soul”, I have mixed feelings about the digital world, it’s just as harmful as it is helpful. However, I am inevitably a digital native. Growing up, I was introduced to digital media at a young age. I had my first computer class as a first grader in 1997, the classes continued until senior year. In high school, when I determined that I would study journalism, I began taking classes at a vocational school. It was there that I  spent the last two years of my high school career learning behind the scene techniques in video and audio production. From there I attended college, where I learned how to use social media and the web to create a bigger impact in my field.

Assessing my digital survey, I realize that I interact in the digital world quite frequently. Nowadays, interacting with the digital world is more of requirement than ever before.  I find myself constantly logging on to communicate with work or communicate for work (social media management). The web is a source for keeping up with friendships and relationships, paying bills, organizing schedules, meetings and receiving the news. I shake my head at how dependent we are on the web, and in the same respect I understand the convenience factor too. I would find it incredibly entertaining to see how the we would function during a day without the World Wide Web. We would be completely lost, metaphorically and literally.

This course is a great chance to hone some skills I may already have, and to learn some new skills in the process. I am eager to be a part of  the Phil Ochs project, and to learn how to use digital media as a creative, informative and professional outlet. It helps that I’m also a fan of American Folk music.  Being able to help share the legacy of Phil Ochs, through the use of digital media is a wonderful opportunity. It’s things like this that help me appreciate living in the World Wide Web.