Disney Creates Disneyphiles

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Obsession is dangerous. Photo by Trey Ratcliff

While growing up in California, it wasn’t uncommon for my family to visit Disneyland several times a year. It was always exciting and thrilling, and sometimes confusing. Then there were family vacations to Disney World in Orlando. I remember how cheated I felt after visiting Disney World, and seeing how much more there was to do.

Now there are 13 parks and it’s nearly impossible for me to imagine seeing them all.  I think Disneyphiles are nuts. Seriously, who spends time and money travelling the world to visit a Disney Theme Park? Don’t get me wrong I love the nostalgia and wonder of Disney, but when it’s taken too far it loses its value. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Live Without Dead Time

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Photo by Nuria Casanya

No matter what you’re doing, do it with meaning.

The notion that the ways of writing and literature are disappearing into the past may or may not be true. The notion that the Internet is making us all mindless may or may not be true. We spend countless hours multimedia tasking and filling gaps of time with unsubstantial information. However, we can get more meaning out of our time spent on distractions by utilizing our technology.

It depends on where you direct your mind, yes technology can distract us from embracing meaningfulness in our lives or it can enhance that outlook. I would love to take a class like the one being taught at Pennsylvania University that would show me how to utilize the Internet for creative gain or enlightenment. I believe that we aren’t losing substance as people from the Internet, but we’re actually gaining substance in a deeper way and the class being taught by Professor Goldsmith is proof of that. In order to see that change evolve, we’ll have to adapt and direct our minds to a new way of using and absorbing the Internet.

Americans Fear…

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Fear is the result of the unkown.

I don’t know if fear is as much a part of the American culture, as it is a part of human culture. In my opinion fear comes from a lack of understanding, we fear what we don’t know. Just last week, I was discussing plans to visit Dallas for my birthday with a friend. I was almost angered by their response, refusing to go because, “that Ebola is down there”. I became frustrated until we reached deeper in the conversation and that’s when I realized, this person has not educated themselves on what is happening at all.

While I don’t quite the quarantine process for individuals arriving from Ebola affected countries, I am glad that officials are doing something in an attempt to keep others safe. I would imagine that health care providers who are returning would not have a problem with following the 21 day home quarantine process. I have read and understood as much as possible the effects and transmission of Ebola, and in my opinion we shouldn’t be afraid, just cautious. That is true for everything.

Terrorist Groups Targeting Teen Girls

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Young women joining Jihad across the globe is evidence of the strength of terrorist groups.

Growing concerns surrounding Islamic terrorist groups is widely discussed internationally. These sophisticated groups use strategies and tactics to recruit people to the growing movements. I was shocked to read about young teenage girls being led to Syria by Jihadist groups. I can’t imagine the impact that they groups must’ve had on these young girls, in order for them to gain the courage to leave everything they know and love to jump on a plane for the Middle East.

This epidemic is evidence of the power and influence that terrorist groups can have. Unfortunately, the continued efforts of such groups is attributing to their growing success as an organization. In addition, terrorist groups continue to give the Islamic faith much negative attention, especially in Western countries where the faith is not widely understood. My hope is that the growing epidemic of Islamic terrorist groups will be put to rest soon, but until then it is important to be aware of the ways in which they are thriving.

Success in a Snap

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Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel

Some people have a knack for following their dreams. I imagine these people have a clear vision of the goal they want to achieve, and they have the courage that it takes to go after that vision despite criticism from the outside world. It’s so awesome that a 20-something-year-old like Evan Spiegel could see his vision so clearly that it would eventually lead to the creation of a widely successful app like Snapchat. It’s truly inspiring. Walking away from Stanford weeks from graduating shows the determination and strength that he had, however; I’m sure the fact that he was given a large sum of money by an investor did influence that choice.

One thing that I feel helped his success is the fact that he saw a need, and that need came from understanding. Snapchat founders understood and related to the desire from teens and young adults to engage in social media activities without consequences. Once he jumped on that idea, he never gave up on it and things fell into place through his hard work. When I hear stories like this I think, this could be me, or you or anyone my age or younger. It’s in all of us to do great things, be diligent in finding your calling.

The Tech Baby Dilemma

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We’re starting them young.
Photo by Francesca Alviani

It’s crazy to think that nowadays kids as young as 5 or 6 have a iPad, or even more working cell phones. One issue I have with technology is the fact that it takes people away from the moment they’re in, and drops them off in this digital world for however long they decide to engage their phone or tablet. Kids who become engaged with digital devices for too long may face damaging content not suitable for little eyes, like violence or pornography. Furthermore, it worries me that one day there may be an entire generation who will grow up not knowing the simplicity of being bored. It’s sad that there are kids out there who are not being given the chance to use their imagination to fight boredom.

Parents, often times, will use games on these devices as an easy way out. A distraction for the kiddos, while they run an errand or take care of a task, an easier way is not a better way. Kids are missing out on the tangible experiences of life. Giving them the world at the touch of a tablet, is essentially taking them away from the world that they live in now.