Oh! The Digital Humanities…

AMST 3683

phil ochs infographic.png

I really enjoyed digital humanities. It was refreshing to put some technology skills to use that I hadn’t used in awhile. Although I’ve had some experience with blogging in the past, I feel this class helped me tighten up in some areas where I may have been slippingĀ  – such as, regularly maintaining a blog and using tags and categories. As a public relations major, having an online presence is so important, I realize that I really need to work on mine. I think I’ll spend the summer sharpening my website and creating more content for it too. One of the most important things I think we learned about is the digital footprint. To me, being aware of this is invaluable information. Overall, I feel that I learned a lot, this was one of the neatest classes I’ve ever taken and an awesome experience to be a part of.